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"Something small" work in progress

Here is part of the new project I mentioned last time. It is the serie “Something small”, and they are small canvasses, about 20 x20 cm, painted with oil and gold leaf ( to be added 😂)

They are insects, very different from each other, but all equally important.

The title refer to the fact they are all small beings, but they really are not. They are all extraordinary creatures who are crucial for the existence of the ecosystem, in different ways, so they are actually not small at all.

One of these also will be donated for the charity auction organised by Mona-UK and Mona Foundation Charity, a primate rescue & rehabilitation sanctuary located near Girona in Spain. They provide quality lifelong care to primate residents, whose past have been scarred by severe abuse. They are also one of a few primate sanctuaries in Europe to combine rescue & rehabilitation expertise, alongside education, conservation and research programme.

Their on-line auction will raise emergency funds for the sanctuary. 👏🏻❤️

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