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I am a contemporary painter born in Rome, Italy. 

I grew up loving all the beautiful art I constantly saw around me, the colours, the quiet Villas, and all the contradictions of a big city.

I started drawing when I was a child, and I never stopped.

Since 2000 I have been selected for several solo and group exhibitions, festivals, and workshops over the years. Like the recent group exhibition by Garte Milano, Palazzo Regione Lombardia (Milan 2024), Wildlife Artist of the Year (2021), Polodango Art Gallery (Clevedon 2020), or Clifton Art Club Open Exhibition (Bristol 2019).

I am also a member of the Association of Animal Artists and I have been selected as a finalist for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021, by David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in collaboration with BBC Wildlife Magazine

After my Art graduation, I started working in decorative arts and conservation workshops, collaborating with architects and interior designers, and working mostly on commission. During this period, I learned decoration for interior techniques and fascinating traditional techniques like Fresco, Grotesque, egg tempera, and gilding.


In 2012 I moved to Bristol, UK. Here I learnt many invaluable lessons, like the challenge and the enrichment that comes from meeting different cultures. I also got married, and I had my daughter in 2017.

I exhibited in several galleries and open exhibitions, and I worked as a decorative workshop assistant and conservation assistant in several Studios, between Bristol and London.

During this experience, I came across other beautiful techniques like Verre Eglomise, gilding and painting on glass and mirrors.

In 2020 we moved to Vienna, Austria, and in 2023 we came back to Rome, Italy, where we are now based, to stay closer to family and friends. 

My work is figurative and nature-inspired. It is published in specialized art magazines, books, and catalogues. 

Some of my pieces are present in private collections in Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, the USA, and Canada.


2008   Master Degree Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Master of Arts (110/110 cum laude)

2006   Degree Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, (110/110)


Art is my quiet place; it always has been, since I was a child. It was the place where I didn’t have to worry about anything; I could just be myself, be free and "magic". I spent most of my childhood drawing quietly in a corner, and it is something that grew up with me. I could just draw what I wanted or imagined, and I was so proud of it!

Art could give me something I was, and I still am, hardly looking for: peace, serenity.
Nature is a marvellous place of never-ending inspiration to me. It is where we all belong to, and we all came back to when we need to have a peaceful recharging contemplation.
I am driven by the beauty and perfection of nature, the serenity and the unknown that lies on the eyes or feathers of these elusive creatures. I am fascinated by the colourful variety of living things, so tiny and fragile as well as surprisingly resourceful. It is something that speaks to my soul, that makes me feel peaceful, in admiration.

I paint what brings me peace. I paint the serenity of nature, the beauty, the joy, the balance, the fragility, the poetry. Art is my peaceful place, and I hope to bring the same peace and joy to the viewer.

I use mostly oil on gold leaves and textured backgrounds.

I start my work using photography and drawings. I explore my subjects by doing research online, from books or in life.

I often combine different media and layers of primers to give my works a textured look and feel.

The preparation of my paintings, in fact, is a long process, that creates a multifaceted surface, where colours and light can interact in unexpected ways.

I also love to combine warm and cold colours, especially blue-green with red-yellow, for the sense of balance they give me, of restorative equilibrium.

I love to work with gold leaf. It is a heritage coming from my experience as a decorator and gilder. I am fascinated by the capacity of gold to reflect light with different shades, giving back different feelings every time you look at it. Through the gold, I aim to create a waterfall of enveloping light that inspires a warm feeling, a sense of serenity, beauty and belonging.

I am also deeply inspired by Chinoiseries, for the joyful delicate design, as well as traditional religious Icons with gilded backgrounds, for the sense of peace, of knowledge, of solemn contemplation. 

Gold, in fact, has been used throughout the centuries, to symbolise the transcendent, the spiritual world, the union between heaven and earth, and it is this contemplative state I aim to, to give the viewer the space of a serene meditation on the world we belong to, a contemplation that evokes a reverent feeling towards the serenity of nature.

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