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I regularly work on commission. Alongside my painting career, I also worked for years in workshops within the decorative arts sector, in Italy and the UK, and I have a wide knowledge of art materials and techniques.

I realized any kind of interior decoration, artworks, or paintings with both traditional and modern techniques.

I create paintings, portraits and mural art, as well as grotesque, grisailles, stencils or linocut on panels or furniture. I can realize chinoiserie and traditional techniques like fresco, egg tempera, and gilding. I can paint, antique, decorate and gild glasses and mirrors, creating original Verre' eglomise’ and antiqued mirrors. 

Please feel free to get in touch in the CONTACT form for any information, I will answer as soon as possible.

Every project is a very personal journey, as important to me as it is to the person who enjoys the result.

We always start with a discussion about what you would like and how I can help you bring your idea to life.

After agreeing on the content, price and timelines, I will request a non refundable deposit of 40% to procure material and will book your commission slot.

Then I usually made a sketch with the design that has to be approved by you (unless it is a portrait. In this case usually it is not necessary). Then I keep you update with pictures of the work in progress. When the work is done, I send a final photo, to be sure that you are completely happy with the final result.


If you pay online, I can accept payment securely through PayPal, or bank transfer. I can also accept payments in tree stalls without interest, with a 40% deposit, please CONTACT me to arrange. In this case, the work stays with me until the final payment.


These pieces are bespoke and made to order, but you can find some examples in the gallery on this page. Prices vary depending on materials, medium, and size. Here is some example to give an idea. Please get in touch with the details for a more precise quote.


Pencils on paper 20x30 cm start 120£ (+10£ with gold leaf)

Pencils on paper 30x40 cm start 180£ (+10£ with gold leaf)

Oil on canvas 20x30 cm starts 295£ (+15£ with gold leaf)

Oil on canvas 30x40 cm start 470£ (+30£ with gold leaf)

Oil on canvas 40x50 cm starts 620£ (+30£ with gold leaf)


Trompe l’oeil and murals are usually acrylics on canvas or panel.

Price starts at 600£ per square meter depending on subject and size.



Usually include primer, paint with chosen colour and protective finish.

Price is usually between 100£ and 600£ per furniture, depending on size.

Add between 100£ and 300£ to have antiqued effect (like Tuscan, Shabby chic etc.)

Add between 150£ and 500£ per hand-painted grotesque or grisaille

Add between 50£ and 150£ per lino print, hand-carved and manually stamped


These are just indicative prices. Please get in touch with the details for a more precise quote.


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