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New work

New work I started yesterday, after a long long break due to an international moving and absence of childcare for my three year old during Covid🙄

Things are now starting to go back to normal, or actually I think we are starting to adapt to all the changes around us. New home, new school, new places, new language, new friends and new habits.... but still the pandemic going on.

Anyway, I wanted to paint this for a long time now. It is an oil and gold leaf on canvas and these are only the first stages, so still a long way to go! I will post the finished one too.

Two little bluebirds flying into the wind, about to land on a branch or a field, not sure yet 😄

I wanted to give the idea of being weightlessness, of the delicate miracle that is the act of flying, something that can lift our spirits because of its freedom and perfection, “a common act of wild faith” as wrote inspiring artist #jackiemorris

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