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Quantum painting :)

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

From conservation of antique paintings to very modern work about quantum physics, commissioned by the University of Bristol.

Very interesting and challenging work based on innovative quantum research of Dr Anthony Lang's group.

It also feautured at The Annual Art of Science Competition, an opportunity to show off the intrinsic

beauty of scientific research!

"La lanterna magica quantistica di Pandora. An artist’s impression of a photonic simulation of molecular quantum dynamics, as performed by Anthony Laing’s group, and published in Nature 2018. The painting is by Eleonora Martorana, a graduate of the Rome Academy of Fine Arts. A reprogrammable linear optical chip, comprised of waveguides and electronically controlled through gold wiring, is seen as a primitive film projector – a magic lantern. The light of the lantern is quantum. The frame-by-frame evolution shows an ammonia molecule vibrating from an initial state that leads to a high probability for energy to be localised in a hydrogen stretch bond, to produce dissociation. Pandora is a scientist of the future who will use the simulator as a tool for molecular modelling. In contrast to the Pandora of Greek mythology, she brings order where they might be chaos. The reels at her feet signify that the photonic chip to be reprogrammed to simulate any molecule."

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