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I am always available for commissioned works.

Alongside my painting career, I also worked for years in workshops within the decorative arts sector, in Italy and the Uk, and I have a wide knowledge of art materials and techniques.

I realized any kind of interior decoration, artworks, or paintings with both traditional and modern techniques.

I work either on-site or different media, such as canvas or wood panels, which can be easily shipped all over the world. I always start from the design, which we will elaborate together, and I create works like paintings, frescoes, trompe l’oeil, grotesque, grisailles, stencils, lino printings, chinoiserie, verre' eglomise'  and traditional techniques like a true fresco, egg tempera, and gilding. I can paint, antique, decorate and gild glasses and mirrors. 

All this knowledge allows me to produce works of high quality and originality to decorate walls, ceilings, furniture, or doors. 

Every project is a new inspiring challenge, as individual and important to me as it is to the person who enjoys the result.

I always work alongside you, starting with the design and then keep you updated through the all process. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss what you would like and how I am able to help you bring your idea to life. 


These pieces are bespoke and made to order, you can find some examples here.

Prices vary depending on materials, medium, and size.


Modern styles

Modern paintings or decorations are produced on supports or directly on walls, furnishings, or objects. I can create original ones or make reproduction using modern techniques. 

I create  "Trompe l'oeil" which means “trick of the eye”, and it is meant to simulate a landscape or a close space or objects where there is nothing instead. Usually made on support using modern techniques or directly on walls, ceilings, doors, wardrobes, furnishings, panels, etc.

I have also been commissioned several kinds of illustrations over the years, produced mostly on paper or other supports. 

I started to be more passionate about illustration once my daughter was born because I wanted to create something for her. Therefore my illustrations include decorations for children, nursery rooms or toys, but also wall decorations, furnishings, panels, and ceiling among the others.

Here a selection of recent works


Traditional and modern styles

I can realize portraits with oil, acrylic, pencils, crayons, water colours, or in my modern style with gold leaf. Usually on canvas or paper.

Verre' eglomise'

Traditional and modern styles

The Verre Eglomise is a traditional technique that allows to gild and decorate glass. It consists of painting and gilding on the back of the glass.

I came across the glass decoration while I was working in London and I fall in love with it, and with the endless possibilities of creations. I wanted to represent elements of the natural world like plants and flowers too, other than animals, and I have been inspired, of course, by the Chinoiserie, a very popular and traditional kind of decoration.

Again, it is all an influence that came from my experience as a decorator and gilder. ​Also, I wanted to create something about Life, and the luminosity of gold it's perfect for the feeling of joy and celebration I have about this.



Grotesques and Frescoes

Traditional Italian styles

Frescoes and paintings are produced either on supports or on-site. I can create original ones or make a reproduction of ancient frescoes or masterpieces, using modern or traditional techniques. They can decorate walls, furniture, panels, and ceiling among others.

Grotesque and grisaille are a traditional decorative style, born in ancient Rome, as fresco wall decoration, floor mosaics, etc. and then renewed in Italian Renaissance, and still widely used by decorators and artists all over the world.

I create grotesque with an antiqued style on support or on-site using modern or traditional techniques. They can decorate furnishings, panels, walls, and ceilings among the others.

Furniture and gilding

Traditional and modern styles

The decoration of furniture includes patina, antiquing, lino printing, stencil, grotesque, grisaille, shabby chic style, painting, gilding, etc. It can be produced on the furniture or other support using modern and traditional techniques. 

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